Welcome to the programmer's playground

This is the first ever website I have run, and it started a long while back in 2004 if memory serves me right. Over time I added quite a few notes that I considered worth sharing with the public. A long time ago, back in 2009, I started a new weblog hosted by Wordpress. Since then, I haven't really spent time on this website at all and the content was starting to show its age.

This site is being shut down

Since most of the content has reached a point where it is no longer useful I have decided to shut the site down. I would like to thank all readers for their support over the years. If you fancy keeping up with the more recent things I do, please head over to martincarstenbach.wordpress.com.

About Myself

Describing oneself is always hard, let's try this: I would like to describe myself as a full-stack consultant and technical author. My focus is on the Oracle database, Oracle Engineered Systems and all things that have to do with the cloud. I have plenty of experience with mission-critical Oracle database systems on all major platforms. I am an Oracle Ace Director, Oracle Certified Master for database release 12c and Oak Table member.

Essential skills:

I am taking part in a number of social networks, you can find out more about me here:

Data Privacy Policy

This website consists of a single, plain HTML page without any dynamic content. It does not use any cookies. There are no plans for user interactions (contact form etc), and no user data is stored as part of this website.

As with any system accessible to the public the Internet provider's webserver logs its activities. As the administrator of this website I have access to these statistics. I am told by my provider that all statistics are anonymised before made available.